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It’s Always Tea Season!

It’s Always Tea Season!

With the cooler weather comes tea season.  I love drinking tea.  I drink tea for relaxation, healing and just because I love the taste of various teas.  I want to share some of my favorites with you.  I prefer to use organic whole tea whenever possible, but organic bagged tea is more convenient sometimes.

I go for Earl Grey or Green Tea in general and also it’s the first thing I go for when I arrive at a hotel when am traveling for business.  Of course, being away from home can make it difficult to fall to sleep and can also be stressful, so I go to the hotel lobby and grab a cup of Chamomile Tea.

For general, “feel good all over” healing properties, I love to brew a pot of Chaga Mushroom Tea.  I enjoy brewing Lemon Tulsi Tea (or any kind of Tulsi or Holy Basil) to support respiratory health and immune system.  White Goji Blossom Tea is another of my favorites because it tastes delicious and it is full of antioxidants.

I go for Ginger or Peppermint Tea when I experience bloating or stomach upset.

I prefer to brew whole leaf teas but sometimes bagged herbal teas are more convenient.  I use bagged teas that are formulated for specific ailments with local raw honey added to taste when I do not have access to my brewing pot.

For best results, you should check with your tea supplier or read the box for specific brewing times and water temperatures.  These vary depending on the type of tea.

Drink up and enjoy!

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